7 Color Changing LED Lights and High Capacity Tank





This diffuser has a lovely curved shape that reminds me of a gourd, all round and happy. It’s quite large and has a fair amount of weight to it which I like, as it feels like it wouldn’t get knocked over easily. While the body is made of plastic, it actually feels quite nice and the wood grain pattern looks real, even up close. 


The capacity on this diffuser is enormous. It holds 300 ml of water which may not seem a lot, but it’s enough to go for 10 hours! That’s 10 hours of yummy smells and no concern about candles getting knocked over, or dishes drying out in oil burners. It also turns itself off if the water level runs low so you don’t need to worry about that aspect of safety, either.

This diffuser is extremely quiet. There’s no motor hum and the only sound you hear is the occasional gentle hiss or bubble sound of the mist moving around inside the unit which I find quite soothing. 

In terms of use, this diffuser is very impressive. The amount of mist that it products is amazing and I was surprised how quickly it worked to freshen up my room. I filled the tank to max and put just two drops of Jasmine oil in, within a few minutes the entire room smelled amazing. My essential oils will be lasting a lot longer now!

If you want to make it a bit more decorative, it has the ability to cast a small amount of light in a range of colours. You can set a preferred colour, cycle them or turn them off. It would work well as a night light!

I’ve had a few other oil diffusers in the past but this is now my favourite. This diffuser would be fantastic in an office space, home gym, dorm room, or even in a small spa. It’s quiet, efficient, safe and it looks fantastic!

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