Brilliant Evolution Air Purifying Bags 

Natural Bamboo Charcoal





Considering these are bags of charcoal, they’re very nicely presented! The fabric that they’re made of is very sturdy and the stitching is tight and tidy. There’s a grommet on each bag which means you could hang them up if you wanted to.


The pouches contain charcoal made from bamboo (a renewable resource.) Inside the pouch is another which contains what feels like a coarse sand. it’s fragrance free, non chemical and non toxic which are all good things!

According to the information provided, they take about a week to start eliminating bad smells. 

~time warp~

I can confirm that they dealt with my “aromatic” trainers very well after a couple of days of stomping around doing a yard sale. In the interest of science, I got my nose right in there and the shoes didn’t attack.. so I take that as a strong win!

Other than odor control, these pouches also absorb moisture like a champ and help keep your smelly gym shoes fresh and dry. The benefit of this is that you’re less likely to have to deal with nasty fungus and any other gross affliction of the toes.

I think that these would be handy to keep in your closet. If you’re not using them in shoes or a smelly gym bag, you could just pop them in your closet over the hook of a coat hanger, and let them do their thing until you need them again. 

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