Cambond Messenger Bag

Vintage Canvas 14″ – Khaki





This bag may be for a 14″ laptop, but it is huge!

The canvas feels sturdy and all the pockets, zips, straps and toggles have been reinforced. There’s pockets everywhere! It feels like it would hold up to being used without showing any wear and tear.


There’s a bunch of pockets on the outside and inside, which is a good thing as a bag this size needs organisation. The large inside pocket is padded and has an elastic strap to hold it closed, a nice touch to help keep things contained. The front pockets are the perfect size for wallets, phones, small books, passports etc. Inside you’ve got ample space for a laptop, books and more.

The shoulder strap is adjustable and is really long when fully extended. The fabric used on the strap is soft enough that it won’t irritate your skin on contact, but strong enough that it won’t curl up and get snagged in the buckles.

On the bottom corners are leather patches which help provide a bit of structure to the bag, as well as some protection from bumps. The leather straps over the top close with a magnetic catch that is hidden under a faux buckle. The magnets used a strong and won’t let go with a small bump.

The zips are all well attached and wide, so not likely to jump out of alignment easily. The main zip for the bag leaves only a small gap at each end which isn’t large enough for things to fall out of, or hands to rummage through.

This would be my everyday carry if I had a laptop, or text books, to lug around with me everyday. It’s very comfortable to wear and has more than enough space to hold pretty much everything except the kitchen sink! It would be great for students, travellers or professionals alike.

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