Oittm portable ceramic heater

450W/950W, Safe Tip-Over and Overheat Protection





As soon as I took this heater out of the box, I was impressed with how sturdy it felt. All the buttons have a solid click to them and the labels are all easy to read (though some english translation help is clearly needed.) There’s another on/off switch at the back and an inset that provides a perfect carry handle and an on/off switch. 


To use this heater you need to flip the switch at the back before pushing the “on/off” button on the top of the unit. If you turn the heater off with the top button it takes about 20 seconds for it to stop. This delay is intended and it extends the lifetime of the ceramic heating disc inside the heater.

The “soft/strong” button is the heating button and indicates whether the heater is blowing low/high. You also have a red light under the top buttons which changes brightness depending on which strength you have set for the heater. I wasn’t able to discern much difference in temperature between soft or strong. Once it’s going, the heater starts belting out high temperatures fast!

The “regular wind” button is for the fan only mode. There’s a bright blue light under the buttons when you use this mode. The air it pushes out is cool and there’s no options for altering the strength of the fan.

The “swing” button enables the rotation setting of the heater which makes it turn in a 60 degree arc. This is a nice function to have if you don’t want direct heat/cooling.

For safety, the heater will shut off if you knock it off balance. This is a must if you have kids, pets or a clumsy person nearby. It takes a while for the fan to stop operating, but the heat cuts as soon as it’s tipped. When the heater is set upright again, it stays turned off. It will also turn off if the heater is covered while in use, to prevent causing a fire.


1 week later and it’s, conveniently, got cold enough to try this out. This little heater belts out hot air fast! I was very surprised with how quickly it warmed my bedroom up, within an hour it had raised the temperature 6°F degrees, and within 2 it had gone up by about 10°F. I had the heater running for a solid 4 hours and it showed no sign of melting or distortion. It has an audible hum, but it’s not loud at all.

This size of this heater makes it great for small spaces like bathrooms, dorm rooms or office areas. You do need to make sure you follow directions and give it about 10 cm (approx 4 inches) around it while in operation, but that’s standard for any fan heater. Just because it’s small, doesn’t mean it won’t get hot!

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