Hy-Ko MM-5N Self-Stick Numbers

3″, Black/Gold





When I took these stickers out of the packet, they all looked fine. The background black was solid in colour and texture, and the gold numbers were bright and easy to see.


These stickers were easy to peel and apply on our mailbox. I did make sure that I had the first one on square and after that, I aligned them to each other and they went on straight. I was able to lift and reapply one that went on a bit lopsided and it still stuck well.

My main complaint is that the size of the stickers is not consistent. The zero stickers were all a fraction shorter than the rest which isn’t so bad on our mailbox as it’s a dark colour, but it really would stand out against a pale colour. 

Given that they’ve only just been applied, I can’t speak to how well they hold up to weather and time. If you’re not worried about things being perfectly aligned, then these will suffice.

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