KSCS Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

6 Pack Electronic Plug in Pest Control





“They look like Tiny Spaceships!”

I was very surprised at how small these ultrasonic pest repellers were. In the box are three white and three black units, giving you the ability to choose how visible they are when plugged in. When connected, there’s a blue light that indicates that power is on and they’re working. They feel well made and like they could stand up to a bump or two, a good thing in a home with pets and/or kids.


The instructions provided are on the side of the box, rather than as an insert, so don’t throw the box out until you’ve got them all set up. The pest repellers are supposed to be set low to the floor, but the instructions give a maximum height of 120cm (~47 inches) which is high enough to be on counter tops. They’re also made to be pointing up, rather than sideways, to allow the sound waves to travel as intended. They’re basically designed so that all you need to do is plug them in and let them do their thing. 

The design is quite neat, being compact and not overly obtrusive when plugged in. The blue led that lights up when it’s powered on is small and not too bright, so it won’t be distracting. The light slowly pulses on and off, with the white one casting a a bit of light through the casing.

The only design issue I found is that they take up 2 plugs worth of space when connected. In my bathroom, we have a standard 2 point wall socket ( 1up, 1 down) and when I have one of the pest repellers plugged in, I can’t use the other socket at all. I may have to test how well they work when plugged in sideways, so that I can get the nightlight and air freshener plugged back in.

As I’ve only just installed them, I’ll have to come back in a couple of weeks to be able to comment on how efficient they are. I’m hoping they work as well as the reviews here suggest as Florida is a buggy place! 


We’ve had these in place for over two weeks now and there has been no noticeable effect at all. I watched ants walk over one, and some roaches walk past another without any sign of being affected. They look neat and act like a bit of a night light but, as an insect repellant, they just don’t work. I tried altering where they were plugged in and swapping units ( in case one was faulty) but there was no difference. I’ll keep them in for another couple of weeks, just in case, but at this point I would not recommend these.

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