ANKO Ultra-slim LED Lamp

Energy Efficient Ultra-slim Eye-caring Lamp





When I saw the size of the box this lamp came in, I was under the impression that it would be quite small. Once folded out, it’s actually a good size! The base is heavy enough that you needn’t worry about knocking it over and the joints all move smoothly, allowing for easy adjustment. The white material that the lamp is made of is smooth to touch and doesn’t seem to get smudged from fingerprints.


There are two folding joints in this lamp, one at the base and the other at the neck (between the upright and the lamp itself). This allows the lamp to be folded away into a very compact shape, if you’re planning on moving it about. It also means that you’re able to adjust where the light is directed.

The light comes from a panel of LEDs that are adjustable to suit your needs. There are three colour “temperatures” that you can pick from, and then you can also choose how bright or dim the light emitted is. Once you’ve settled on a preference, it will remember it the next time you turn the lamp on. 

The touch controls on the base of this lamp are nice and easy to use. There’s a decent size area around each button that activates the switch so you can be blurry eyed, or distracted, and it will still work.

The power cord comes with a USB cable and an AC adaptor, which makes it great for a desk with a PC on. One less plug in the wall is a good thing! This lamp has actually ended up being used for taking photos. Being able to aim the light and pick the colour and brightness, is great when you’re messing with photography. 

This would be a great lamp for someone with inflammation or limited movement in their hands as there’s not pushing, or rotating switches to operate. I’ll probably get another as a bedside lamp as I love how easy it is to use.

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